Tai Chi Video - Online Version

The content of the DVD is also available via an Online version.

- You can watch the whole video on your computer, iPad, telephone, etc., or any device connected to the Internet.
- The online version is a little cheaper than the DVD, but there is no shipping cost, which makes it a lot cheaper!
- No download is necessary.

IMPORTANT: Right after your purchase, you will see a screen that will give you access to an instruction file, in PDF format. Click immediately on the link (circled in red on image) because you won't receive the file by email, and it won't be on your invoice. This file will provide instructions on how to access your video.
- You can watch the video as many times as you like, with no time limit.
- You can watch it on any device you use online (computer, iPad, phone, etc.)
- You cannot make a copy of the video and you can only watch it online.
- The video may not work with some specialized applications, such as 'TV assist'.

Prices are in US dollars, payable by PayPal or credit card.

The content of the Online version is the same as on the DVD.

Sample of the Tai Chi Video content

The first part of the video presents the Foundation Exercises that should be practiced at the beginning of each session. The second part explains in detail each of the Tai Chi moves. The third part features the full Tai Chi set in one continuous motion. (For more free content, click here.)

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Taoist Tai Chi - Tai Chi for beginners: Yin-Yang symbol

Taoist Tai Chi - Tai Chi for beginners: Chinese characters for Tai Chi Chuan

Taoist Tai Chi - Tai Chi for beginners: Add-ons
- The full Tai Chi set, as in a mirror (mp4)
- A 12-minute recording calling out each Tai Chi move in time during the set (mp3)
- A script of the video of the DVD explaining each move (pdf)
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